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Required Career Education Officer, Career Education Advisor 

Careerlinked Education Council, an apex organisation setup under section 8 of MCA, Government of India.

Position & Remuneration:

A. Career Education Officer: (Full-time) Rs 20,000/ + performance incentives.

B. Career Education Advisor: (self-employment) You’ll be paid by the Council, even if you provide FREE guidance to students. Your expected task based income could be approx. Rs. 10,000/- to above Rs. 1,50,000/- per month, depending on your efforts, skills and team resourcefulness, as described in the project proposal. 

Eligibility & Requirements: UG/Graduate/PG degree in any field with training as a Career Management Professional. There is no age or experience barrier. You require a laptop with internet connection.

On-job Training: Training consists of 15 modules of theory, activity and practical, which can be completed within 15 days to 15 weeks. Your training fee is Rs 36,000/- which is borne by the organisation. Also, you’ll be paid stipend of Rs 5,000/- per month during training at Delhi HO.

Work Description: You have to conduct FREE online cap-contests, distribute on-spot prizes, coupons, scholarships, certificates (which are offered by the Council); plan student’s career by creating personalised portfolio using our tools and technology provided by the organisation.

Send your updated CV to: ceo@margdarshak.org 

Careerlinked Education Council
A-1/43-44 Sewak Park, NSIT Road
Dwarka Mor Metro Station, New Delhi


Mobile: 0728 996 8170
Phone: 011 300 97 100 Extn 123
WhatsApp: 080 100 64002 

Dr Ashok Shrivastava
MSc (IIT-K), MTech (IIT-K), PhD (IIT-K)
Director Operations 
“Give 40 minutes for career planning to prevent 40 years of struggle in working life.”


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